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Traditional egg farming.

Traditional Free Range Egg Company is a small independent family farm using traditional free range farming methods – like they used to in the past. “There’s only one thing more special to us than our eggs… it’s our chickens.”

Mathew Quested, Owner/farmer, Whangaripo Valley Farm


Pasture farmed in the beautiful Matakana foothills, their chickens don’t live in unnatural high-rise nesting sheds. It’s how most people expect free range eggs to be produced. Cosy sheds with easy access to healthy feed and clean water for the hens, with pastures for feeding and foraging, and trees for shelter and shade. Our task was to capture the heritage and ‘hands-on’ nature of free range farming, while positioning Traditional Free Range as premium eggs.

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    Logo, Packaging

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    Traditional Free Range Egg Company


We choose to stay traditional for the hens! Eggs laid at our farm today are usually in store tomorrow. Now that’s fresh!

We designed a family of egg packs across several sizes. We introduced a textured kraft paper aesthetic as a nod to handmade wrapping (like you might see at a farmer’s market), and contrasted this with a box sleeve – normally reserved for, or indicative of high quality products.

Another feature of the packaging was strong brand messaging locked together with icons and custom type treatment – from superior animal welfare, no multi-tier farming and next day farm to store delivery.

The hens are really the hero of the show. They’re free to be happy hens, laying happy eggs.


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