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Who we are

Hi we're Tangerine, we're all about thinking laterally and boxing clever to create difference and achieve value. Breathtaking but real is our mantra.

We design ...

Getting noticed, creating advantage.


About us

We’re a design-led company, a passionate and experienced team. We’ve been 20 years in the making – proudly based in Porirua. We’re practical and hands on, business aware and outcome-focused. We’re a well-oiled machine, working at a human level – being known for our creativity and flexible service.


It's a Must~See world

Effective communications are built, not invented. Our Must~See approach eliminates the guesswork, lays the foundation for a “must have” brand and helps you define the path ahead. Not every project is strategically driven – we keep it real, we expand or compress the process to fit, both timelines and budgets.


Working with government

Our track record reflects extensive experience in interpreting the needs of our government clients. We’ll assimilate market research, organisational learnings, cultural imperatives, or any other pertinent information. We’ll present you with solutions that are visually appealing, build affinity with your identity or service offerings. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that what you are presented with is relevant and compelling, resulting in a better level of engagement. Tangerine is currently a member of the All of Government supplier panel for both Design and Web Services.


Our experience

Our experience spans a diverse range of projects both big and small, for individuals, for private business and for government. Some projects have multiple design outputs while others a single focus such as designing a logo, an annual report, building a website, or even just developing a one-off infographic.


Te Ao Māori

In order to provide strong cultural ties to Te Ao Māori, we seek expert insights and direction towards tikanga, kawa and pūrākau. We have relationships in place that offer assessment tools for interpreting, assessing and proving expert advice on visual identity and culturally inspired graphics.


Making design happen

We like to think of ourselves as ‘hands-on’ designers. We balance our creative spirit with a fair dose of pragmatism. We never lose sight of our client’s expectations and the need to deliver tangible results. We believe passionately in the power of good design. We aim to create memorable, inspiring experiences. We help our clients achieve a clear, rational and consistent vision and experience of their brands, products or services. Arriving at this clarity of vision forms the first step in creating long-lasting relationships. We feel this is where Tangerine shines, making good design happen.


We create compelling designs & digital experiences.

We means ‘with’. It’s about bringing viewpoints together, blending perspectives, sharing experiences and knowledge, collaborating to make must-see design happen. We believe in the power of shared purpose.


– Brand strategy

– Creative direction

– Design guidelines

– Visual identity

– Logos


– Graphic design

– Infographics

– Packaging

– Signage

– Illustration


– Annual reports

– Publications

– Campaigns

– Art direction

– Photography


– Websites

– UI / UX

– MailChimp

– Social media

– WordPress / Shopify


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