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Making good design happen.

Must~See ...

Effective communications are built, not invented. Our process eliminates the guesswork, lays the foundations for a “must~have” brand and helps you define the path ahead.

We follow our Must~See methodology when delivering a design solution. It’s scalable and flexible, ensuring each project is mapped-out against set criteria. This allows us to agree on a path ahead, and ensures for each communication initiative we meet the strategic imperatives and creative benchmarks.

How can we help…

Brand direction

The more we know, the better the result. We follow our Must~See methodology when delivering a design solution. In fact it’s what we use, day-in day-out. We’ve learnt from experience that a ‘system’ needs to be flexible and scalable to meet timelines and budgets. By having set parameters in place it gives us, and you, the very best chance of delivering on the strategic and creative components that ultimately define the success of any given visual communication campaign.

– Brand strategy

– Creative direction

– Design guidelines

– Visual identity

– Logos

Creative design

Seeing is believing, and believing is everything. We’re about delivering what’s not expected, in the best sense of that idea. No pat answers, no formulae that you’ve seen a million times before. We’ll bring you interesting, intriguing stuff that gets people’s attention, addresses your very real business issues and gets you the result we’re all looking for.

Our approach is one of consultation, discussion and collaboration. Firstly, we listen. Secondly, we facilitate the process and include feedback. Thirdly, we use our skills to build creative solutions that create memorable, inspiring experiences for our clients.

– Graphic design

– Publications

– Magazines & books

– Infographics

– Illustration


We believe in the power of shared purpose. Our track record demonstrates a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. We’ll assimilate relevant information such as market research, organisational learnings, and cultural imperatives and present solutions that are visually appealing and build affinity with your product or service offering. You can trust that what you are presented with is relevant and compelling, resulting in a better level of engagement.

– Annual reports

– Publications

– Campaigns

– Art direction

– Photography

Te Ao Māori

Respect the people, respect the process. In order to provide strong cultural ties to Te Ao Māori, from our collective team we provide expert insights and direction towards tikanga, kawa and pūrākau. Our partners offer extensive experience in interpreting, assessing and proving expert advice on language, visual identity and design. In particular a kaupapa and tikanga based assessment tool can be applied to modern design influenced by, or containing Māori elements.

– Māori-based graphics

– Tohu design

– Tāniko design

– Patterns


We believe passionately in the power of good design. Our online work is user-focused and brand-driven. We’ll consider what your research says (if you’ve done any), define a problem statement in a human-centered manner and work inline and be consistent with your wider brand framework. It’s an environment where you need to be compelling enough to attract users to your site, make them want to stay, and then sell them on your brand, product or service offering – completely.

– WordPress & Shopify

– eCommerce

– Business

– Community

– Membership & subscription

– Promotional


We take an holistic approach to digital design – calling on a deep skill-set gained across web and print media. If you have a brand platform – we’ll follow it, so your designed communications look and feel the same across channels. We’ll tap into our creative spirit maxing-out your brand presence, and balance this with a fair dose of pragmatism, with the need to deliver tangible results – making digital experiences accessible to and inclusive of all users.

– Social media

– Animated graphics

– Accessible PDFs

– Mailchimp

– Microsoft templates


Let’s be clear. We create environmental graphics and signage that is intuitive, easy to understand, and consistent wherever it appears. Everybody’s competing for attention and getting noticed is way more important than ever. It’s also way more difficult. Complex or cluttered environments can be overwhelming. A well-designed system can instill confidence and control. Clear messaging and symbols, and a consistent visual language, help people quickly and easily understand how to reach their destination, understand your message or see your business first (and not your competitors).

– Signage – internal & external

– Vehicle graphics

– Exhibition & spatial

– Wayfinding & maps

– Banners – internal & external


Good packaging has power. It converts people into customers. It can influence perceptions and understandings. It inspires, attracts and uplifts – and those aren’t bad things. Aesthetics should never be superfluous. The majority of consumers (seven out of ten) purchase a product because of its visual appeal. If you can attract and engage people, you’ve got the best chance of turning customers into repeat customers. That’s why we sweat the detail – achieving harmony between graphics, shape, material and product.

– Food & beverage

– Labels & stickers

– Zip lock pouches

– Conference & swag


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